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A couple of my photos are in Milford Living Magazine's winter issue. It also contains many beautiful winter shots of Milford from various photographers. Be sure to check this one out!


One of my photos is on the cover of Connecticut Living's holiday guide. It's filled with holiday info and events. Pick up your copy along the shoreline. Thanks Connecticut Living!!


A couple of my photos are on the front and back cover of Milford Living's Autumn issue, and also another photo inside. A great magazine with local info and events. Thanks Milford Living!!


One of my photos is on the cover Milford Living's spring issue. Don't forget to pick up your copy, it's filled with lots of local info and events!
Thanks Milford Living!!


One of my photos is on the cover of Milford Living Magazine's winter issue. A great magazine with something for the whole family! Be sure to pick up your copy!

Thanks Milford Living!!

My newest gallery is a compilation of photos from the last couple years of our visits to Kent Connecticut. Most of the photos are of Kent Falls, but a few are from around town as well. Kent Falls is beautiful year round, from spring with it’s lush forest and vigorously flowing falls, to autumn with its colorful foliage. Our most recent visit was a few weeks ago. It was just a little past peak, enough leaves had fallen to allow the sunlight to filter through the trees, giving that warm autumn glow throughout the forest. We also drove around town coming across a few farms and Bulls Bridge. Please feel free to view some our findings as we journey through Kent….http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p259256011

Last minute show scheduling: I'll be showing/selling my photography at the Oronoque Autumn Craft Festival at the Oronoque Country Club in Stratford, CT, Sunday Nov. 3rd from 11:00 to 5:00 pm. Hope to see you there!

One of my photos is on the cover of Milford Living Magazine's autumn issue. It's a great magazine with local info and events! Check it out! Thanks Milford Living!!

I'll be showing/selling my photography at the"Trumbull Fall Craft Festival" on Oct. 20 from 11 to 5 pm. It'll be held on the large field next to Marisa's Restaurant. Hope to see you all there!

One of my photos is in "Connecticut Magazine's" October issue for a Fall Foliage drive article. It's a great article, you can also check it out online at...
Thanks Connecticut Magazine!

Gulf Beach
Upon arriving at Gulf Beach there was an exceptionally beautiful sunset over the Milford Yacht Club. The sun’s rays illuminated the sky and sea. We stayed till nightfall to catch the setting sun through twilight, when the colors turned to deeper hues. It turned out to be a memorable evening. Please feel free to enjoy my new photos in my “Gulf Beach” gallery…http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p59133848

Just want to say thanks to everyone who came out for the "Artists and Artisans in Paradise" art show today. It turned out to be a great day, thanks so much for all your support!!

I will be showing/selling my photography at the "Artists and Artisans in Paradise" art show at Paradise Green, Main St., Stratford, Connecticut, on August 25, 2013 at 10:00am. Would love to see you all there!! 

Would like to thank Milford Living Magazine for featuring one of my photos on the cover of their summer issue, and another one of my photos on the inside. Thanks Milford Living!!

Anchor Beach
    Went for a walk on Anchor Beach on a warm summer night to catch the sunset. The temperature was just right, there was a warm breeze and the water was very calm. It was a rather peaceful atmosphere, with people unwinding from their day, walking their dogs and coming out to enjoy the sea air. The sun was setting and soft blues, violets, peaches and pinks were making their way across the sky. Please feel free to browse through my newest gallery “Anchor Beach”….http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p426140060

      A few of my photos are in "Act Two Magazine's" summer issue - a new Connecticut magazine - Thanks Act Two!!

Southford Falls
    We decided to go see the falls after the heavy rains. It was a partly sunny day with a possibility for more rainfall. When we arrived there, we could hear the rushing water as soon as we stepped out of the car. Approaching the falls, we could see the roaring water was crashing intensely and we could feel it’s spraying mist. The river was running rapidly. The spring rains had brought beautiful, deep green foliage to the forest. Although we couldn’t stay long since we got caught in the rain, I did get some photos and I hope you enjoy my gallery….http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p428309908

Ridgefield Arts and Craft Show
  I'll be showing/selling my photography on June 9th from 10:00 - 4:00 pm at the Ridgefield Lounsbury House, Arts and Crafts Show, 316 Main St., Ridgefield, CT. Would love to see you all there!

Roosevelt Forest
    The forest was filled with new lush green foliage, which gave a feeling of  peaceful tranquility. A family of geese had taken residence there, and the gander was quite protective of his precious goslings. The sunlight on the water created colorful reflections and there was an inviting picnic area. I hope you enjoy my photos…. http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p194498867

Wooster Square
    We visited Wooster Square Historic District on a cool spring morning. The bright sunshine radiated on the trees which were covered with an abundance of pink and white cherry blossoms. The Square was busy with activity. A city squirrel had made his home there and was gathering his food. There were families taking memorable photos, people walking their dogs, and of course all the photographers there to photograph the beautiful blossoms. It was quite a pleasant spring morning. Please feel free to browse through my gallery “Wooster Square.”  I hope you enjoy my photos…. http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p292159695

"Art in the Alley" Art Show
I'll be showing/selling my photography at "Art in the Alley" art exhibit and sale, on May 12, 10am-4pm at Stratford Center. Hope to see you there!

Just want to say thanks to everyone who came down Sunday to the "Art in the Studio 2013" show! Thanks for all your support! It was a great time! :D

Art Show
I'll be showing/selling my photography at the "Art in the Studio 2013" art show on Mar. 3rd, at 1-4:30pm, at Roger Salls Studio, 80 Ferry Blvd., Suite 106, Stratford, CT. Please feel free to come on down!

Alice Newton Street Memorial Park
    Went walking through Alice Newton Street Memorial Park on a cool January morning. The fog had just lifted and the sky was overcast. The trails were covered with fallen leaves with only a touch of snow left over from the last snowfall. There were benches along the trails, stone walls and a stream running throughout. The waterfalls were encased by many moss covered rocks and boulders. Surrounded by winter’s forest landscape, was yet another opportunity to appreciate natures artistry and peacefulness. Please feel free to come and enjoy with me some of the scenes of this beautiful forest… http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p38715737

Art Show
     I'll be showing/selling my photography at the "Art in the Studio 2013" art show, along with other artists on Feb. 10, 2013, from 1 - 4:30pm at Roger Salls Studio, 80 Ferry Blvd., Suite 106, Stratford, CT. Please feel free to come on down! :D


Snow Day in Milford
    Set out to Milford on a cool breezy day after a recent snowfall. Arriving at Milford Duck Pond, the sun was shining brightly on the snow and reflecting off the waterfalls. There were ice patches in the pond, along with geese, ducks and seagulls. At Milford Landing all was peaceful, with only minor activity at the docks. Please join me on my travels during this wintry day through some of the scenic sites of Milford .....http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p64451627


     One of my photos, "Two Curious Monkeys," was in National Geographic's "Daily Dozen" for "November week 3 2012" .....http://yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/daily-dozen/2012-11-15/


     My photo "Apple Picking" was published in Milford Living Magazine's Fall 2012 issue. Much thanks to Milford Living!


Lake Waramaug
    A beautiful lake and camp site enhanced by autumns colors.  Campers picnicking and enjoying the fall scenery. A lake surrounded by a colorful forest, and ducks and geese residing in  the cool water. Blue skies complement the warm hues of the landscape while cows graze on the hills, and there’s a log cabin for a visitor center, all reminding me again why I love New England..http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p279727752


Milford Duck Pond
    Milford Duck Pond in autumn finds us surrounded with vivid color and many geese and ducks admiring the scene as well. Colorful reflections on the water mirror the beautiful scenery above. The view from the waterfall leads to a neighboring church also surrounded by the many colors of fall. Come and view the autumn colors at Milford Duck Pond....http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p398650426


Southford Falls
    Spent a cool, breezy, autumn morning at Southford Falls. The bright morning sun was glistening through the trees, while stone walls surrounded the cool waterfall, with a brightly colored forest in the background. As I walk down the hill, autumn leaves are swirling in the brisk wind. A red covered bridge crosses over the flowing stream from the falls, which leads to a steep ravine that contains both autumn colored woods, and deep green pines. A trail along side the stream leads to a golden sunlit forest - all is golden - the stream, the luminous foliage, the sunlight. The boardwalk is speckled with fallen leaves, while the trails are blanketed with them. On the way back is a large rock covered in moss, leading back to the covered bridge and waterfall. A wooden footbridge separates the falls from Papermill Pond, which is also surrounded by an array of vividly colored trees all illuminated by the morning sunlight. 
    I thought about how it would be wonderful if everyone could start off every morning with a walk through the forest, since it sets a peaceful tone for the rest of the day. Come and explore the picturesque autumn scenery of Southford Falls... http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p428309908


Hop Brook Park
    Walking through Hop Brook Park we find a peaceful lake with a soothing cool breeze, and seagulls enjoying the late afternoon sunshine over the water. Tree lined trails are awaiting autumns color and families are picnicking and fishing. There is another trail leading to the same rocky stream I had taken photos of the previous winter covered in snow, only now we could walk on the rocks through the middle of the stream and linger over the flowing water. Then we discover a frog sunning on some fallen leaves. Another walk back to the lake brings a feeling of peace and tranquility. Please feel free to browse my photos from Hop Brook Park...http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p244530308


Roaring Brook Falls
    As we enter this forest, the pathway is lined with an abundance of varied kinds of trees, bushes and greenery. Looking up we see what looks like a canopy of tall trees. On our way to the falls, the path became much steeper and as we continued our ascent up the trail of this dense forest,  we couldn’t help but notice a feeling of isolation. That peacefulness that comes from being in nature. Looking over the edge we can see a deep ravine strewn with fallen trees, weathered with time, which has a stream that leads to the falls. We can see the falls through the trees from the edge of the trail, leading back to the ravine which is overgrown with all kinds of foliage and trees. Please feel free to come and explore Roaring Brook Falls with me, I hope you enjoy my photos...http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p191496119


Milford Lisman Landing Marina
    The dock here is beautifully landscaped with  Black-eyed Susans and an  assortment of other flowers. Many boats are docked, awaiting their next journey. Off to the side, there are many ducks, swans and even some cormorants occupying the harbor. The harbor bridge is also beautifully decorated with hanging flowers and the view from the bridge leads to a waterfall. Come and enjoy the some of the views at Milford Landing...http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p230846021


Audubon Coastal Center at Milford Point 
    Upon visiting the Coastal Center on a warm summer evening, we came across a beautiful sunset over the marshlands. The sound of  a variety of birds can be heard along with the crickets and other summertime critters.
    Our second trip takes us there at midday. There’s nothing like the beach on a summer day….walking through a few trails and viewing the scenes from the observation tower. I hope you enjoy my photos as I attempt to bring to you the beauty of the Coastal Center at Milford Point...http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p475971238


Booth Memorial Park - We visited Booth’s beautiful rose garden, and once again the sunlight illuminated the delicate rose petals, reminding me of a little paradise with lush green willow trees for a backdrop. The bright yellow roses seemed especially refreshing. The garden in the sunlight was so inviting, I sat on the bench and decided I didn’t want to leave, so we stayed for a while, just to relax and enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures.…the peaceful ambiance of the scenery. Please feel free to browse through my photos of Booth Memorial Park’s rose garden...http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p13417227


Bartlett Arboretum and Gardens - Gardens and woodlands, pathways and spring flowers, and even a small waterfall are among some of the sites to see here. Algae covers the pond like an emerald green carpet and the flowing stream sparkles with beautiful metallic blue and green damselfly inhabitants. Come and enjoy some of the scenic views from Barlett Arboretum...http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p35138072


Elizabeth Park - Arriving at the beautiful flower gardens, one of the first things we notice (besides all the flowers of course!) is the sweet fragrance coming from the rose garden. The sunlight illuminates the colorful flowers. The gardens are dotted with reds, pinks, purples, corals, whites and so on. Children are running through the rows of roses. A baby bunny comes out for a snack. Birds are perched on the arches with their songs, and then there’s the cool shade of the rock garden. Also, there is the peaceful park pond, which is home to many ducks and a beautiful stone bridge. Come and take a tour of a few of the sites at Elizabeth Park...http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p48202724

Wadsworth Falls State Park - We decided to go on a two part hike at Wadsworth Falls State Park. As we walked through the covered bridge entrance by the lake, we could see families picnicking, swimming and fishing. There are beach umbrellas, blankets, picnic tables and the like….the sounds of spring.…the anticipation of summer.
    We walked down one of the trails following the river, a little deeper into the woods. The bright green of the newly grown foliage and the patches of sunlight on the rocks and stream give an almost jungle like appearance to the landscape. Stone walls and the sound of the flowing stream are etched in my mind.
    Day two brings us to the falls, I can hear them as soon as I step out of the car. The sound of the rushing water echoes through the park. We walk down the path to the falls, which leads to the sunlit river, reflecting blue and green. I can feel the cool mist coming from the waterfall. The forest is a little more dense here. We walk down a trail which becomes more narrow, a little more difficult. Nature’s art is everywhere…. twisted logs, drooping trees, the suns rays shining through the leaves and more. Please join me on my journey through Wadsworth Falls. I hope you enjoy my photos...http://www.cathyleitephotography.com/p150083603