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            I’m a scenic, portrait and wedding/event photographer based in Connecticut. Inspired by the ever changing seasons of New England, I truly enjoy incorporating nature's scenes with my wedding and portrait photography.

            My initial interest in photography began as a child. As I was looking through a wildlife book one day, viewing the stunning photos of the various types of animals and the lovely landscapes, it was then that I knew I wanted to someday photograph the beautiful creatures that I saw in those pages. That was when my love for photography began.

            As a teenager, I had my first Kodak film camera. People would comment that my photos reminded them of postcards. Years later I bought a Canon Rebel film camera, and a more serious passion for photography began, but it wasn’t until around 2010 that I bought my first digital camera, a Canon T2i.

            I’ve always had a deep appreciation of nature. I love to photograph forests, beaches, flowers, insects or anything that catches my eye. I also enjoy the experiences that come with it, hiking through the forests, walking along the sandy shore, the crackling of dried leaves, the countryside covered in snow, or just simply being outdoors listening to the sounds of nature. In my photos I always try to portray both what I see and what I feel. It’s the experience that I try to capture. I’m happy to share them with you. I hope you enjoy browsing through my photos!

            My photography has been on the covers of "Milford Living Magazine" and I've also had photos in "Connecticut" and "Act Two" Magazines. I sell/show my photography at fine art shows in Connecticut and I’ve also used my photography services for “Hope Alliance for Animals” a sanctuary for special needs pets and Rose Hope Animal Refuge, a no-kill shelter for homeless pets.