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Recently I photographed some of the wildlife that came into our yard to feed during the long cold winter this year. We had quite a variety of birds and some squirrels too.

I also spent some time this past summer photographing the wildlife in our backyard; the trees were filled with various types of birds and their songs, along with the chattering of squirrels. Chipmunks would stop by to feed with them. A family of Groundhogs would visit to eat the leaves from the nearby bushes, and every now and then a deer would stop by looking for a snack. I also got a couple photos of bees collecting pollen and found a toad in the garden! I’ll be adding more photos as I get them. I hope you enjoy my gallery.
Snowy DovesPair of Doves in WinterDove in a SnowfallBaltimore Oriole Foraging amid the FlowersFemale Baltimore OrioleBaltimore Oriole in the WillowsBalimore Oriole in the SunlightSparrow Foraging in the FlowersIn the PinkTwo in a TreeTufted Titmouse Eating SeedMourning Dove CourtshipA Spring BabyAmid the SunshineBaltimore Oriole Foraging amid the Flowers 2Cowbird SunningMale Cardinal in the Summer SunRose Breasted Grosbeak in the Summer SunYoung Male DeerSmall Bee-Like Insect