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Fort Christmas Historical Park

Had an opportunity to visit Fort Christmas Historical Park in Christmas, Florida, in the company of good friends. In the park, there stands a replica of the fort which was built during the Seminole War on Dec. 25, 1837, including homes, a library, post office, and other structures. There is also a picnic area and playground. As we walked through the park, the rustic buildings, farm equipment, clothes hanging on the line and the like, gave me a feeling of being back in the old south. I felt like I was on an old movie set. The Southern Live Oaks were beautiful with golden sunlight filtering through the Spanish Moss, glistening, and adding to the ambiance of times past. Palm trees and other greenery added to the feel of the southern countryside. I hope my photos can convey a sense of the history in this beautiful park.
Simmons 2 HouseWoods HouseSimmons 3 House and Post OfficeFlorida Cracker Style House LibrarySouthern Live OakBeehead RanchFlorida Cracker Style House Libarary Side ViewFort - ReplicaWagon WheelsLizardFlorida Cracker Style HouseBrown HouseSandhill CranesReception AreaFlorida Cracker Style House PorchPicnic PavilionInside Beehead Ranch HousePioneer Home IndoorsPioneer HomePioneer House Porch 2