Wadsworth Falls State Park

We decided to go on a two part hike at Wadsworth Falls State Park. As we walked through the covered bridge entrance by the lake, we could see families picnicking, swimming and fishing. There were beach umbrellas, blankets, picnic tables and the like…the sounds of spring…the anticipation of summer.
We walked down one of the trails following the river, a little deeper into the woods. The bright green of the newly grown foliage, and the patches of sunlight on the rocks and stream, gave an almost jungle like appearance to the landscape. Stone walls and the sound of the flowing stream are etched in my mind.
Day two brings us to the falls. I could hear them as soon as I stepped out of the car. The sound of the rushing water echoed through the park. We walked down the path to the falls, which lead to the sunlit river, reflecting blue and green. I could feel the cool mist coming from the waterfall. The forest is a little more dense here. We walked down a trail which became more narrow - a little more difficult. Nature’s art is everywhere…. twisted logs, drooping trees, the suns rays shining through the leaves and more. Please join me on my journey through Wadsworth Falls. I hope you enjoy my photos.
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