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Wooster Square
April 2016 - Recently visited Wooster Square during the sunset hour. The lighting at this time was quite different from our first trip which was in the early afternoon. The colors were subdued and more pastel like, giving a very different perspective of the park than the first time we were there. Sunlight filtered through the buildings and cast its glow from different angles on the cherry blossoms, wildlife and structures. Please feel free to view my new photos added this colorful gallery.

May 2013 - We visited Wooster Square Historic District on a cool spring morning. The bright sunshine radiated on the trees which were covered with an abundance of pink and white cherry blossoms. The Square was busy with activity. A city squirrel had made his home there and was gathering his food. There were families taking memorable photos, people walking their dogs, and of course all the photographers who were there to photograph the beautiful blossoms. It was quite a pleasant spring morning. Please feel free to browse through my gallery. I hope you enjoy my photos.
Plentiful Cherry BlossomsCherry Blossoms Blue BackgroundPink BlossomsBlossoms in SunlightBlossoms on Tree TrunkCherry Blossom Lamp PostSpring Lamp PostCherry Blossom WalkwayCherry Blossom Walkway3Cherry Blossom Walkway2Cherry Blossom CanopyWooster Square SquirrelWhite Blossoms in SpringChristopher Columbus Statue - VerticalChristopher Columbus StatueTulips and BlossomsRed and Yellow TulipsBlossom on a City StreetBlossoms on a City Street - VerticalCherry Blossom Filled Street