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Alice Newton Street Memorial Park

Went walking through Alice Newton Street Memorial Park on a cool January morning. The fog had just lifted and the sky was overcast. The trails were covered with fallen leaves with only a touch of snow left over from the last snowfall. There were benches along the trails, stone walls and a stream running throughout. The waterfalls were encased by many moss covered rocks and boulders. Surrounded by winter’s forest landscape, was yet another opportunity to appreciate natures artistry and peacefulness. Please feel free to come and enjoy with me some of the scenes of this beautiful forest….
Small WaterfallSmall Waterfall - VerticalForest Stone WallMossy Green WaterfallWoodland Waterfall 2Woodland WaterfallWinter Woodland TrailMoss Green PathwayWoodland PeacefulnessWoodland StreamMossy  Green StreamMossy Green Stream - VerticalWinter Woodland SunsetWinter Woodland Sunset - VerticalSnowy WoodsSnowy Woods - VerticalBench in SnowSnowy StreamWintry SunsetWintry Sunset, Soft Focus