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Southford Falls

A couple winters ago we had a chance to spend some time hiking through the snow. A cool, crisp breeze was blowing and all was peaceful and quiet, with only a few visitors in sight. The sun was glistening brightly on the snowy scene and the blue sky added to the cool hues of winter. A portion of the waterfall was frozen and much of the stream was covered in snow. We stayed for a little while to enjoy the wintry season and the charming scenery. I do hope you enjoy my photos.

In spring we decided to go see the falls after the heavy rains. It was a partly sunny day with a possibility for more rainfall. When we arrived there, we could hear the rushing water as soon as we stepped out of the car. Approaching the falls, we could see the water was crashing intensely and we could feel it’s spraying mist. The river was running rapidly. The spring rains had brought beautiful, deep green foliage to the forest. While we were there, it started to rain again, so we couldn’t stay long, but I did get a few photos.

I spent a cool, breezy autumn morning here. The bright morning sun was glistening through the trees, while stone walls surrounded the cool waterfall, with a brightly colored forest in the background. As I walk down the hill, autumn leaves were swirling in the brisk wind. The red covered bridge crossed over the flowing stream from the falls, which led to a steep ravine that contained both autumn colored woods, and deep green pines. A trail along side the stream lead to a golden sunlit forest - all was golden - the stream, the luminous foliage, the sunlight. The boardwalk was speckled with fallen leaves, while the trails were blanketed with them. On the way back was a large rock covered in moss, leading back to the covered bridge and waterfall. A wooden footbridge separated the falls from Papermill Pond, which was also surrounded by an array of vividly colored trees all illuminated by the morning sun.
I thought about how it would be wonderful if everyone could start off every morning with a walk through the forest, it sets a peaceful tone for the rest of the day. Come and explore the picturesque scenery of Southford Falls.
Winter SunlightWinter Sunlight w,effectWinter FootbridgeWinter Footbridge - VerticalBurr Arch Bridge in Winter 2Burr Arch Bridge in WinterSnow Covered BridgeSnow Covered Bridge 2Snowy WaterfallFrozen WaterfallSnowy BerriesSnowy RavineSouthford Falls Bridge in WinterSouthford Falls Bridge in Winter 2Snowy FootbridgePlentiful WaterfallRushing WaterfallDeep Green RavineSpring Green Bridge 2Spring Green Bridge