Connecticut River Valley

Took a couple of trips to the Connecticut River Valley during the summer. Spent a sunny day sightseeing on the Essex Steam Train and Riverboat Ride. Our travels began with a relaxing ride on the stream train. Traveling through beautiful wooded areas along side of the Connecticut River, we got to enjoy some of Connecticut’s charming countryside. Following the train ride we boarded the Becky Thatcher for the riverboat ride. Among the sites to see were Gillette Castle, the Goodspeed Opera House, the East Haddam Swing Bridge and of course the many boats sailing along the river taking advantage of the warm summer day.
Our second trip found us on foot at Eagle Landing where I could get some shots at the dock there of the Goodspeed Opera House and the Swing Bridge. Then we traveled to Creek Row, which is one of Connecticut's oldest roads. It’s a dirt road dating back to the 1600's, once an Indian path, it was the first road built in East Haddam. Can’t wait to go back there to explore further. Hope you enjoy my photos.
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