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Audubon Coastal Center at Milford Point

Upon visiting the Coastal Center on a warm summer evening, we came across a beautiful sunset over the marshlands. The sound of a variety of birds can be heard along with the crickets and other summertime critters.
Our second trip takes us there at midday. There’s nothing like the beach on a summer day….walking through a few trails and viewing the scenes from the observation tower. I hope you enjoy my photos as I attempt to bring to you the beauty of the Coastal Center at Milford Point.
Early Spring at the Coastal CenterBoardwalk at the Coastal CenterA Walk on the BeachSquirrel in the PinesCoastal Center View w,effect 2Coastal Center View w,effectCoastal Center ViewEgret in the MarshEgret in the Marsh - VerticalYellow-Crowned Night HeronYellow-Crowned Night Heron 2Yellow Flowers on the Beach - VerticalRed BerriesGlowing SunsetGlowing Sunset - VerticalShimmering Sunset 2Shimmering SunsetShimmering Sunset - VerticalDeep SunsetDeep Sunset - Vertical