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Elizabeth Park

Arriving at the beautiful flower gardens, one of the first things we noticed (besides all the flowers of course!) was the sweet fragrance coming from the rose garden. The sunlight illuminated the colorful flowers. The gardens were dotted with reds, pinks, purples, corals, whites and so on. Children were running through the rows of roses. A baby bunny came out for a snack. Birds were perched on the arches with their songs, and then there was the cool shade of the rock garden. Also there, was the peaceful park pond, which is home to many ducks. Come and take a tour of a few of the sites at Elizabeth Park.
Baby BunnyCascading RosesA Tranquil PlaceFloral PinkElizabeth Park PondFloral FenceFlowers by the PondPeaceful PlaceFoot Bridge at the PondPink FlowersPurple FinchPlentyful RosesRed Roses in the SunPurple FlowersRoses in SunlightRock GardenTranquil Scene