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We visited Topsmead Forest a few times in October, giving me the opportunity to photograph the grounds in different weather conditions. The first time we were there, the flowers were still in bloom, with such a vivid array of colors. The second time was just after the first freeze, and the autumn foliage colors were well on their way, and the third time we went, we experienced the first snowfall of the season with peak autumn foliage! Please feel free to browse through my photos!
Chase Cottage Side ViewBack Garden ViewFlower Garden Side ViewFlower GardenFlower Garden - VerticalChase CottageStone PorchWindow FlowersChase Cottage Vertical Side ViewTopsmead Forest ShedTopsmead Forest Trail 2Topsmead Forest TrailTopsmead Forest in AutumnTopsmead Forest in Autumn 2Bird HouseTopsmead Forest EntranceAn Autumn SnowfallChase Cottage Autumn SnowfallChase Cottage Indoors